The Strangest Things

It’s funny how you can be reminded of things from the craziest of places. I was on my way to a friend’s house in Lafayette. I live in New Iberia, about 25 miles away. We were going to play some D&D for the  night. I got about halfway there and my truck just stopped running. Dead stopped for no reason whatsoever.

So I have to call a tow truck. Luckily, New Iberia Towing answered right away and within 30 minutes, the guy was there hooking my truck up. He gave me a ride back to my house and on the way over we started making chit-chat.

I told him what I had planned for the night and he mentions that he was never big into table top games like D&D, but that he absolutely loves this PC game called Dota 2. I told him I loved that game but it had been a while since I had played it. Then I break out into this ridiculously long story about how I was introduced to the game. Here is a quick recap. Lol. Continue reading The Strangest Things

Going off on a tangent

Alright, so I’m new at this and I’m already going to probably break some rules. I’ve been busy lately and I have been forgetting to update my site. Oh well. I did have a great Thanksgiving holiday and part of it is why I’m going to go off on a tangent.

So my mother in law flew in this week to spend the holiday with us. She was talking about taking a cab from the airport to our house because it was going to be kind of late at night and she didn’t want to mess up us and our kids.

Well, I thought it would be nice to surprise her and so we decided to do a limousine rental! We had the limo company swing by and pick my wife up and then take her to the airport so she could get her mom. Continue reading Going off on a tangent

Back In The Day

I guess I’ll go ahead and start off with my first real experience with true “Fantasy Games”. I say real because by this point, I had been playing RPG games on gaming consoles for a while, but I don’t really consider those the same.

I am from Lafayette, La and there was a pretty decent following with Dungeons & Dragons in the area. I had been playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms III for a while with my best friend Derek and one weekend he decided to have me meet his oldest friend, Ben.

At the time, Derek was living a block away from Ben (did I mention we were teenagers at the time?) so we just walked over to Ben’s house. He had a table and chairs set out and had a game set out. It was Zanzer Tim’s Dungeon. An original D&D board game. Continue reading Back In The Day

My Site

So, when I purchased this site I had no idea who Eva Longoria was. Call me a moron. lol. It sounded cool and I thought it was Evalongoria. I had every intention of making a site about fantasy games when I got it and I’m sticking to it. I mean, who really knows who she is anyways, right?

I’ll be mixing it up between genres and platforms. Some articles will be general information about certain topics and some will be personal experiences as I’d like to think I have a decent bit of knowledge on the subject.

I might also be calling on some friends to help write some stuff, so the different articles might have different writing styles. Don’t worry about it, just try to enjoy. Thanks!